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How does Emma get paid

For her online Spanish lessons

Emma is an online Spanish teacher who has students across the globe

Eric wants to learn Spanish for a new job, but doesn't know how to pay Emma in Pesos

There is a Solution

  • Create upay.page and connect accounts

    We'll create an XRP wallet and a PayID for you automatically. Get paid right away or connect other crypto or bank accounts

  • Easily add your services and bio

    List your services and tell the world about yourself

  • Share your upay.page and get paid

    Your new page has everything you need to start receiving payments

Payments without borders

  • Use any currency

    Pay in XRP that can be converted into any currency

  • Fast and easy

    Payment made in XRP gets to its recipient in three seconds

  • Almost free

    Payment in XRP are almost free compared to traditional wire transfers

When Distance is Not an Issue

upay. New way to pay

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